How to Set up Email Filters in Outlook

Outlook is commonly used to send and receive emails. It is common to add folders on your Outlook to organise received emails which is done manually. However, you can set up filters, in Outlook’s terms: Rules, to move your messages automatically to a specific folder once you receive new emails. […]

What Is Sending Email Limitation

Every single email hosting providers set sending limitations, where it could be daily, hourly or every minute. Like other providers, this is true for Vodien. This is a must-know for you and every client to avoid your emails being marked as spam or your email gets blocked.  The reason why providers set these limitations is to avoid having the servers be tagged as spam. For providers, this is […]

What Is Email Exchange

Email Exchange is an email platform created by Microsoft which can let you manage not just your emails, this also lets you manage your Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks which you can synchronise across your different devices and with your colleagues.  Check out the differences between Basic Email and Email Exchange and its features below.  Difference Between Basic Email and Email Exchange  With Basic Email hosting, you have the […]

How Can I Have My Own Email

Email hosting is an internet web hosting service that operates email servers, catered to businesses that rely on emails as their main form of communication.  Although Vodien’s Web Hosting service includes a few email accounts, Email Hosting service is separate. This is also a premium service which is different from the typical free email accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail.   With Vodien, […]

How to Obtain Your Domain Password

In preparing your Domain Name for a transfer away from Vodien, you will need to obtain our Domain Password. This is also known as the Registry Key, EPP Key, Transfer Key, UDAI Key, or Auth Code, among others, and is unique for every domain name registered. This helps with communication […]

How to Transfer Domain Name Ownership

WARNING: This process is only available for the Vodien clients who are transferring domain ownership within Vodien. A transfer of domain name ownership is usually requested by the Registrant when the domain is sold to an interested party or the Registrant’s business is sold.When you, as an individual or business, […]

How to Transfer Domain Name Between Vodien Accounts

Domain owners do not necessarily have to be technical when it comes to starting their website. Some hire professional or freelance developers to create their website for them. In most cases, domain owners give their developers access to their domain for DNS management. The process of transferring domain names from […]