How to Set up Email Account on iPhone

Note: This setup guide reflects that of iOS 11, 12, and 13. If you wish to start sending and receiving emails on your iPhone, as long as you are connected to the internet you will be up to date. When setting up your email account, please be connected to the […]

How to Transfer Domain Name to Vodien

Before anything else, your Domain Name is required by most Domain Registries to be registered for at least (3) three months before transfer. If you have owned the Domain for less than (3) three months, the Domain Transfer may NOT be allowed to push through. Steps Before Actual Transfer The […]

How to Replace the Under Construction Page

In case that you wish to do changes with your temporary Under Construction page, there are two ways to upload or replace your files. You may update or upload the file via the File Manager or via FTP access. Here are the links that you need for you to be […]

My Prestashop Has Auto Log Out Issue

This isn’t only experienced by you, there are other users who may have experienced the same issue as you have. To solve the auto logout from the Presta Shop admin, we have listed the codes to solve this problem. This fix basically removes the IP checking that Presta Shop has, […]

How to Set up Your Email Account on Android

Android phones has their default email application where you can start sending and receiving emails. This article will help you set up your email account on your Android phone. If you’re having troubles with your current email setup, you can click this link to edit your email server settings.  The steps in this guide […]

Familiarize with cPanel Features

Account Level Filtering In this area you can manage filters for your main account. You can create new filter by clicking ‘create new filter’ option by giving the ‘Filtername’, rules and actions. 1)cPanel -> Mail -> Account level filtering 2)Click on “Create a New Filter” 3)Rename the filter rule 4)(This […]

How to Set up Email Account in Mac Mail

Mac Mail is the default email program that comes with Mac and is widely used by Apple users to access their emails using their Apple computers/laptop. This guide is for email accounts that are connected to the Basic Email and Web Hosting service. There will be a different guide on How to Set up Email Exchange in Mac Mail.   These […]

Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

The three main types of hosting available to you are the following: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server Hosting. It can be confusing which ones to use and which ones are better suit for you and your business. Here are the basics and differences between these hosting services. Let us compare […]

Email Account Setup – Video Tutorials

Need to set up your email account? Check out these Video Tutorials! POP3 Apple Mail Outlook 2010 Windows Live Mail iPad iPhone RoundCube SquirrelMail 1. Email Account Setup (POP3) Eudora 7 Fox Mail Incredimail Netscape Operamail Outlook 2000 Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook Express Pegasus 4 Thunder Mail Vista Mail […]

Backup Data Using FTP Hosting

This article will educate you about backup data using FTP Hosting. Backing up your data in one place (such as your home) is risky because of the chance of fire, theft and other disasters that can happen, which may wipe out your primary and backup data sources. Here are just some […]