What Is a Domain Name Backorder

A Backorder is a specialised service that attempts to reserve a domain name that’s already taken, expired, or deleted. The Vodien Backorder system will scan and monitor the domain like a hawk, and aim to register it as soon as it becomes available. If the domain expires within the time frame specified for your backorder and the […]

How to Change the Main Domain on My Hosting

Important: Before you continue with the changes, make sure that new domain name you are switching to is already registered. And we recommend to create backups with your emails and your website for precaution. You can change the main domain of your Web Hosting or Email Hosting services. You may […]

How to Log in to Web Analytics Dashboard

Web Analytics is the process of monitoring the activity on a website. This includes number of clicks, hits, pages visited, and can even track site’s visitors’ geographical locations and behaviours, as well as the keywords used to find your site, including which search engines or directories they come from.  Other web statistic applications take more than 24 hours to generate these kinds of data resulting […]

How to Exclude Yourself from Web Analytics Data Report

Web analytics measures the number of visitors accessing your website including yourself. Exclude yourself from the reports to have an accurate analysis of data. Follow the steps below on how to set up the exemption.  Step 1. Log in to my web stats page.   Step 2. Click the Prefs link under the website in question.  Step 3. Click on Visitor tags […]

How to Track Incoming Links to my Website

Visitors of your website could have clicked your website link from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), an advertisement, or a blog. The source of the clicks on your website pages can be tracked on Web Analytics page. Follow the steps below on how to locate the data.   Step 1. Log in to your […]

How to Schedule Automated Web Data Reports

Skip the hassle of manually retrieving the statistic reports for your website. Follow the steps below on how to set up a schedule for web analytics to automatically generate the reports on your behalf.   Step 1. Log in to my web stats page.   Step 2. Click Prefs under the website in question. Step 3. Click Email reports.  Step 4. Click Create new report.  Step 5. Enter […]

How to Connect Web Analytics to your Website

Web analytics is the collection, reporting, and analysis of website data. It only works after you paste a tracking code to every page of your website. This is required for gathering live information from your website needed for web analytics reports.  Follow the steps below on how to set up these tracking codes.   Step 1. Log in to my […]

When Will My Website Be Visible in Search Results

After submitting your website via Traffic Booster, search engines place the request on queue  for crawling. When it’s time for your website to be indexed, they send bots called spiders to check what your website is all about.   Search engines use a variety of factors to rank your site. Ranking factors are different for each search engine, but most […]

How Does Traffic Booster Work

Traffic Booster service lets you submit your website to search engines e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing, among others. In return, these search engines crawl your website and check how relevant it is to the keywords you submitted. After crawling your website, these search engines decide if your website can be listed on Search Engine Results […]