How to Log in to Traffic Booster

You can log in to Traffic Booster through your Vodien Account Manager. From there, it’s easy to optimise your website and submit it to search engines and directories. Follow the steps below on how to log in.   Tip:You can directly log in Search Engine Booster page if you have the username and password. The logins here are different from […]

How to Change Email Password in Hosting Manager

The emails can’t be accessed without your email password. In case you forgot your email password or just want to change it for security purposes, you can follow the steps below on how to reset it.   Note: The steps herein are for Cheapdomains and AustDomains hosting legacy plans. If you have another kind of hosting plan, follow the steps on how […]

How to Create Email Forwarding in Hosting Manager

A professional business email address is always provided to customers for credibility. If you want to skip the hassle of checking each business email address, you can forward emails to your personal email address or to another domain name. This article covers:   Adding Email Forwarder   Adding Domain Forwarder  Note: The steps herein […]

How to Set up a Catch All Email Account in Hosting Manager

An email address is comprised of a username and a domain name. Each is located before and after the (@) at symbol, respectively. Catch all email is an email address set up to catch all incoming emails that are originally sent to a non-existent or incorrect username of a certain domain name. This is also referred to as the default address of the hosting. Follow the steps below on […]

How to Create Email Accounts in Hosting Manager

Create a professional email address for your business. Follow the steps below on how to create it in your hosting.   Note: The steps herein are for Cheapdomains and AustDomains hosting legacy plans. If you have another kind of hosting plan, follow the steps on how to create an email account in cPanel and in Exchange.  Step 1. Log […]

How to Publish Website in Website Builder

The website you created in the Website Builder needs to be published for it to be viewed by anyone on the internet. Follow the steps below on how to publish it.   Step 1. Log in to your Vodien Account Manager.  Step 2. Click Website Builder on the menu bar at the top part of the page.   Step 3. Select the […]

Why is Premium DNS Not Working

If you have purchased Premium DNS for a domain name not registered with Vodien, you will need to change the Name Servers of this domain to Vodien’s DNS servers for it to function properly.  Your domain name should point to the following Name Servers:  You should also check the product status of your Premium DNS service to make sure it is activated. Follow the steps […]

What is EV Technology

Your customers share sensitive information such as their credit card information online. They’ll want proof of identification that your website is a safe place and they can trust to do business with. A way to achieve this by validating your website through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or better – Extended […]

What Is SSL

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a website server and a browser. This connection or link ensures that all data that is passed between the website server and browser will remain private. This is an industry-standard for securing data and […]

How to Set up Email Filters in Outlook

Outlook is commonly used to send and receive emails. It is common to add folders on your Outlook to organise received emails which is done manually. However, you can set up filters, in Outlook’s terms: Rules, to move your messages automatically to a specific folder once you receive new emails. […]